CBD Pet Tincture

Similar to our human tinctures with additional ingredients for pets. Salmon oil provides for a healthy coat and skin, while chamomile adds a calming effect for long travels or social encounters.

$45.00 or $40.50 / month

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Specially formulated to alleviate anxiety, ease joint pain, and make travel more comfortable.


Suggested dosage for dogs: 1-2mg per 10lbs of body weight
Suggested dosage for cats: 2-4mg per 10lbs of body weight
There is 1000mg per bottle.


  • MCT oil
    USDA organic, vegan, kosher, and non-GMO
  • CBD (cannabidiol) isolate
    Tested for potency, heavy metals, pesticides, residual solvents
  • Sunflower lecithin
    100% natural, vegan, non-GMO, soy free, rich in phosphatidyl choline
  • Salmon oil
    All natural, EPA omege 3 fatty acids, and non-GMO
  • Chamomile
    Gluten free, alcohol free, and non-GMO

What our customers say

  • "My pup has been on the strongest anxiety prescriptions possible and nothing has worked until we switched to the pet CBD."

  • "My 12 year old lab is so much happier and more playful since giving her the pet CBD tincture. By far, the best quality oil I've bought."

    —Krista P.
  • "Our dogs get anxiety from thunderstorms so having the dog tincture not only helped calm the dogs down but stopped them from their excessive panting (meaning they're scared). It helped my dog fall right asleep during a long thunderstorm and it almost seemed like he had forgotten as he was playing rather than hiding!"

    —Iris C.