Blackberry CBD Seltzer

A refreshing and calming beverage to be enjoyed throughout the day or as a non-alcoholic alternative. Made with filtered carbonated water and organic botanicals, each seltzer contains 10mg of CBD extracted from organically grown hemp. Zero sugar, no calories, vegan and gluten free. Available in Peachy, Blackberry, Lemon or variety 12 packs.



Perfectly effervescent and subtly invigorating on its own, this seltzer also serves as an exquisite mixer for your favorite cocktails.


10mg CBD per can, 12 cans per pack


  • Filtered carbonated water
  • Organic botanical flavor
  • Micronized hemp extract
  • Citric acid

What our customers say

  • "Moon Drops CBD seltzer is the perfect alternative to alcohol. Relaxing but also hydrating and without the hang-over. A great way to end the evening."

    —Tristan K.