CBD Seltzer – A First-Hand Account

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No amount of science or information compares to the joyous experience of first-hand discovery. 

After having designed the labels for Moon Drops signature tincture, my brother called with the idea to expand the product line into seltzers. I supported the idea in theory and was tasked with designing the label. Once everything was finalized and produced, he naturally sent a shipment of samples. 

My first sip of peachy CBD seltzer was delightful beyond expectation. To my genuine surprise, I was immediately hooked. Aromatic, hydrating and refreshing in taste, it also calmed me - as CBD had and would - but in a new way. It was a more complex sensory experience and an energetic sense of calm.

I have a work-live loft in downtown Los Angeles. I’m a clothing designer and mostly work from my home studio. As a creative person who is also quite technical, the long hours of technically minded work can be especially draining (i.e., boring). I often sew or pattern late into the night, and at a certain hour, crave a glass of wine or white claw to keep going.

Except, now I had CBD seltzer in my refrigerator. So one day, instead of going down to the corner wine-shop, I substituted my nightly drink for an innocent non-alcoholic seltzer. It satisfied my craving for a slightly altered slate - uplifting yet calming, it kept me focused and did not affect my motor skills. And more importantly, I woke up feeling great. 

There are the things we read and the things we learn from experience. And from mine, CBD seltzer is not only the best alternative to alcohol, it’s potentially better.


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