Introducing Equity Partners Mallory & Moon Val Jean

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Moon Drops founder Caleb Lewis met Moon and Mallory at a local music and arts venue in St. Louis, Mo. They quickly discovered their mutual passion for wellness and parted with a promise from Caleb to gift Moon Drops products to sample. Very soon after, having been impressed by the effectiveness of the products, Moon and Mallory asked how they could be involved with the company. Their genuine personalities, positive energy, and commitment to helping others was perfectly aligned with the mission of Moon Drops. In 2022, they joined the company as partners and currently sit on the board of directors.

Mallory Sneed is a small business owner who built a successful wellness and life coaching business online. She began prioritizing health and fitness after a decade-long career in advertising sales. Through daily movement, whole food nutrition and intentional mindset practice she experienced dramatic changes in her stress levels, mental clarity and overall well-being. This period of focus on physical and mental health inspired her to leave advertising and pursue her health and life coaching business full time.

Raised in Portland, Oregon, and currently living in St. Louis with her husband and children, Mallory combines her love of movement and nature by being as active as possible outdoors. Her goal in life and business is to help others lead healthier lives by teaching them to unlock their full potential through simple mindset practices, sustainable routines, whole food nutrition and daily movement.

As a highly accomplished leader in the entertainment industry and successful entrepreneur, Moon has entertained audiences across various stages and forms of entertainment. With over 21 years of professional experience in the global music market, he is a multi-platinum writer, recording artist, and performer, having sold approaching 4.5 million records worldwide. Moon was recently voted St. Louis’ Best Musician and plays a key role as Co-Host and Producer of The Rizzuto Show (KPNT-FM 105.7 The Point), which has held the #1 spot in ratings for 9 consecutive years. He’s had enormous success as a member of Goldfinger, Story Of The Year, Greek Fire, The Teenage Dirtbags, and Punk Rock Christmas, among others.

Whether through lyrics, radio, video, television, social media or the products he creates, uses and endorses, Moon inspires people to get outside, think differently, and live a bigger, fuller life.  “I am here for a reason, and I feel a calling to help people smile, think, dance, laugh, and enjoy life to its fullest.”

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